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Andy Mackensen Co-Founder and CMO of HUMAN

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Episode List

Podcast 41: eCommerce Fuel interview – Post Card Marketing for eCommerce
In this episode, Drew talks with Andrew Youderian on the podcast to explain how to leverage post cards in[...]
Podcast 40: My Private Equity Rolodex
In this episode, Drew shares his favorite resources and private equity investment contacts. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Prefer to[...]
Podcast 39: The Six Things You Can Do Today to Maximize Your Valuation Tomorrow
In this episode, Drew talks about six things you can do to maximize your company's valuations. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher[...]
Podcast 38: How you sell a business—“the Deal Process”
In this episode, Drew talks about the three highlights of how deals go down in the private equity process. Subscribe:[...]
Podcast 37: Intro to Private Equity
In this episode, Drew talks about his own personal experiences in buying and selling companies, and gives a brief intro[...]
Podcast 36: So we just bought ….
In this episode, Drew talks about buying a company, and a few major lessons he learned from doing the deal.[...]
Podcast 35: Top Nerd Travel Tools
In this episode, Drew talks in-depth about the tools that made productive work possible during a 7-month long trip across[...]
Podcast 34: Productivity Insights After Six Months on the Road
In this episode, Drew talks about the five different observations he had while working and growing his business during 7[...]
Podcast 33: The Podcast is Back and Three Updates for 2018
We're back! In this episode, Drew talks about where he has been the past 7 months, and 3 things listeners[...]
Podcast 32: Postcard Marketing and A Powerful Chat App (Tips/Tricks/Hacks)
Drew is joined by Patrick Shanahan for another round of Tradecraft - this time featuring a tool for postcard marketing,[...]
Podcast 31: Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017 Recap + More Updates
A few updates from Drew - recaps of three recent events he spoke at, the key learnings at each of[...]
Podcast 30: Newsjacking and Resending Emails (Tips/Tricks/Hacks)
From taking advantage of the 24-hour news cycle, to improving your sender score - Drew and special guest Patrick Shanahan[...]
Podcast 29: Email Marketing Strategy with Austin Brawner
Austin Brawner from Ecommerce Influence joins Drew to share four killer strategies to make the most of the all-powerful email[...]
Podcast 28: The Top Marketing Tools of 2016 with Patrick Shanahan
Drew and digital marketer Patrick Shanahan share their favorite eCommerce marketing tools of 2016. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Prefer[...]
Podcast 27: A “One-Two Punch” Email Campaign to Increase Order Frequency
Average Order Value as a key multiplier to increase your company's revenue, and how to implement premium service upsells to[...]
Podcast 26: Using Premium Service Upsells to Increase Your AOV
Average Order Value as a key multiplier to increase your company's revenue, and how to implement premium service upsells to[...]
Podcast 25: How to Actually Make Money with Your Win-Back Campaign
How to treat your win-back campaign as a discount ladder, with every rung designed to retain customers and make you[...]
Podcast 24: Increasing Average Order Size with Bounce-Back Email Campaigns
Bounce-back email campaigns as a clever and simple way to cross-sell and increase your average order size - implementation tips[...]
Podcast 23: Dynamic Ascending Offers (and Hamilton)
Competing against Hamilton, segmenting based on recency, and using dynamic ascending offers to make the most of your offer campaigns.[...]
Podcast 22: The Karmaloop Marketing Playbook – 100 Days to Double the Business
Tune in to learn how Drew designed and executed his marketing strategy at Karmaloop. What to focus on, specific tactics[...]
Podcast 21: Bankruptcy to Profit in 10 Months: A Conversation with Karmaloop CEO Seth Haber
Drew talks to Seth Haber about how they rescued streetwear retailer Karmaloop from bankruptcy in just 10 months. What went[...]
Podcast 20: Three Growth Paradigms – How to Think About Rapid Growth
Three different ways to think about rapid growth, some resource and books to look into further, and Drew's preferred approaches[...]
Podcast 19: Working with Recency Segments in Google Analytics
Learn how to create recency segments in Google Analytics and how to use this data for predicting marketing campaign success[...]
Podcast 18: An Introduction to Recency – A Key Predictive Metric
In this episode, I introduce the concept of Recency as it applies to an online business, and show how it's[...]
Podcast 17: The Best Time for Ecommerce Retailers to Send Emails for Maximum Engagement
How to access Time of Day reporting in Google Analytics to help you decide when the best time to send[...]
Podcast 16: How to Create Killer, Profit-Maximizing Segments in Google Analytics
Three metrics that will show you who your best customers are, where they are coming from, and ultimately how to[...]
Podcast 15: How Emmanuel Eleyae Grew to 7-Figures Off Influencer Marketing (A Million Dollar Case Study)'s Emmanuel Eleyae, explains how he used influencer marketing to grow his $1 million dollar retailer using nothing but a paperclip,[...]
Podcast 14: How Michael Jackness Grew to 7-Figures Off Niche Selection, Contesting and Facebook Marketing (A Million Dollar Case Study)
How 's Michael Jackness grew a Million Dollar eCommerce business in 1 year using niche selection and Facebook marketing[...]
Podcast 13: How Josh Manley Grew to $1 Million In One Year Using Adwords (A Million Dollar Case Study)
How 's Josh Manley reveals how he ramped up a 7-figure business using AdWords. EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Get my Million Dollar[...]
Podcast 12: Sam Gastro and — A Million Dollar Retailer Case Study
How Sam Gastro, founder of about how he grew his $1 million dollar retailer. Tons of insights on how[...]
Podcast 11: A Million Dollar Ecommerce Business Boils Down To These Three Equations
Three business growth equations need to hold true for any growing business. I review all three and show you how[...]
Podcast 10: 6 Steps to Building a Million Dollar E-commerce Business, Part 2
The 6 key success factors and actionable insights that allowed us to grow a million dollar online retailer in a[...]
Podcast 09: 6 Steps to Building a Million Dollar Ecommerce Business, Part 1
The 6 key success factors and actionable insights that allowed us to grow a million dollar Ecommerce business in a[...]
Podcast 08: The Million Dollar Mindset -Vision, Focus, and Habits
Business strategies matter, but you can't grow without the right 'growth' mindset. These Three Mental Mindsets Allowed Me to Build[...]
Podcast 07: Tripwire Marketing Case Study – 15% in sales virtually overnight
Your customers are sending you signals. If you listen to them and run tripwire marketing, you will make money. How[...]
Podcast 06: How to Implement Tripwire Marketing – Build a Killer Retention Program in Seven Simple Steps
A case study showing how to implement a great, easy customer retention program that you can use at your own[...]
Podcast 05: An Intro to Tripwire Marketing: Understanding Customer Behavior and Deviations
What is tripwire marketing? An introduction to the concept of tripwire marketing and why it is a great way to[...]
Podcast 04: The Best Way to Think About Your Customers. Behavioral Segmentation
The prevailing means of customer segmentation and why that's basically useless online. Then, I show you how you should think about[...]
Podcast 03: Discount Ladder Case Studies: Win Back Campaigns
Easy-to-implement discount ladders from top retailers. A specific version of discount ladder: the win-back campaign. You can model this approach[...]
Podcast 02: How to Get Started with Discount Ladders
I walk you through how to set-up and run effective discount ladders. I zero in on using these ladders to[...]
Podcast 01: How to Keep Customers Around Longer and Buying More—the Magic of Discount Ladders
An introduction to the discount ladder method of running promotions and how it can keep your customers around longer and buying more.[...]