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Podcast 14: How Michael Jackness Grew to 7-Figures Off Niche Selection, Contesting and Facebook Marketing (A Million Dollar Case Study)


How ‘s Michael Jackness grew a Million Dollar eCommerce business in 1 year using niche selection and Facebook marketing through ads.

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You know, usually there is a fair amount of luck involved when someone achieves extreme growth. They stumbled into the right niche or made the right strategy partnership.


  • How the death of affiliate marketing led Michael to build 4 eCommerce stores
  • The importance of reviews and how quality products can sell themselves
  • Testing your products on eCommerce MVP’s
  • How viral contesting can work in a tight-knit online community
  • Facebook Marketing – Using Facebook insights for detailed audience data
  • Micheal’s SEO Strategy for success
  • How eCommerece is an 8 cylinder engine
  • Micheal’s TWO pro tips for rapid growth

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  • Joe Cochran says:

    Michael Jackness is a BOSS!!! Great interview Drew. If this type of story doesn’t inspire you then you better check your pulse.

  • Drew Sanocki says:

    Hey Joe! He is a boss. Guy knows his stuff.

  • Julien Letellier says:

    Hello, I have been impressed by the podcast, Drew you rock! 300% ROAS on Facebook looks amazing. I did some math and I wonder what is the conversion rate on the website, it must be really high. I also wonder what the average cost per click is on Facebook for this website. Thank you Drew your podcast is one of the best with Andrew’s!

  • Tristan Broughton says:

    Hey Drew, love your podcast. Listened to every episode.

    Just a heads up that I can’t play your podcasts on my iPhone 5 because sticher won’t load correctly. I have to download and manually upload them to my iphone.

  • Drew Sanocki says:

    That’s weird, I’ve never heard of that. Is it with every podcast or just mine?

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