Podcast 17: The Best Time for Ecommerce Retailers to Send Emails for Maximum Engagement

How to access Time of Day reporting in Google Analytics to help you decide when the best time to send marketing emails is for maximum engagement.



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What day of the week is your audience most engaged with your content? Are they more likely to visit your site in the morning or at night?

Performance over time reports are a great way to sharpen your email marketing strategy, arming you with historical data to back up your decisions when it comes to the days and times you send emails.

In this episode, Drew covers the importance of Time of Day reporting, talks about a few ways you can use these analytics to grow your business, and shares the link to a Google Analytics custom report he created that you can use, too.


00:48 – A couple of reasons you’ll want to keep track of your top performing days and times
01:10 – There’s no default view for “performance over time” in GA, you need to create a custom report
01:54 – How Drew sets up his custom performance over time report (click here to use it on your own site)
02:59 – How to analyze your custom report once you’ve created it
03:50 – Looking at the data in a pie chart
04:01 – Pulling out just email traffic from the report to determine what day is best to send your emails
05:57 – A look at an “Hour of the Day’ report

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  • Ready to take a look at your Time of Day analytics? Click here to import Drew’s custom performance over time report to your own Google Analytics!
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