Podcast 20: Three Growth Paradigms – How to Think About Rapid Growth

Three different ways to think about rapid growth, some resource and books to look into further, and Drew’s preferred approaches to growth.

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There is a ton of info out there about how to grow a company. Books, blogs, podcasts like this one, and everything in between.

If you could use some help narrowing down your focus and deciding how to approach eCommerce growth, this is the episode for you.

Drew covers three different growth paradigms – tactical, strategic, and operational – and shares a little bit about his personal approach to growth.


  • How Drew thinks about growth when approaching a new company
  • Three Growth Paradigms – How Drew Took Karmaloop from Bankruptcy to Profit in 10 Months
  • Tactical growth strategies – optimizing what you’re got
  • Some Blogs to check out for good tactical growth advice
  • The risk of absorbing too many tactics
  • A few of Drew’s favorite books on growth
  • Leveraging distribution advantages (ie: influencer marketing)
  • The shortcomings of marketing books when it comes to digital marketing
  • Operational-level growth
  • Improve three areas of your business by 30% to double your business (Three categories to focus on improving)

Links / Resources

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