Podcast 30: Newsjacking and Resending Emails (Tips/Tricks/Hacks)

From taking advantage of the 24-hour news cycle, to improving your sender score – Drew and special guest Patrick Shanahan share a few of their favorite tips, tricks, and hacks.

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Digital marketer Patrick Shanahan joins Drew to talk tips, tricks, and hacks in this episode of the Nerd Marketing Podcast.

Learn how one eCommerce company used newsjacking to turn a hot-button topic into huge sales. Plus, resending emails to boost your overall open rates, and a clever hack Patrick calls a “Reverse LeadMagnet” to improve your sender score with Google.


  • Drew has a new office, some hilarity ensues
  • Newsjacking – using the 24-hour news cycle as a marketing channel
  • Resending to unopens – an email technique you need in your toolkit
  • Speculating on the mysterious Google Sender Score
  • Patrick’s “Reverse LeadMagnet” technique to improve sender score
  • A tip on segmenting your audience by email client
  • Much, much more

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Prefer to read rather than listen to the podcast episode? No problem, you can request the text transcribe and I will send it to you as a PDF.