Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy: 2 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Nail It (VIDEO)

Need a Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy? I have you covered. Two key action steps that will drive your revenue upwards over Black Friday. Run this and profit.

Black Friday is the biggest B2C ecommerce weekend of the year. At my retailer, we often generated 30%+ of our annual revenues in the time between Halloween and Christmas.

Black Friday is the day the gloves come off, the day game theorists earn their paychecks predicting all the moves and counter-moves among competing retailers.

Most retailers start preparing for the holiday over the summer. But whether you’re ahead of the ball or looking to set something up for Black Friday at the last minute, watch this video to for the two key action steps that will drive your Black Friday revenue upwards.



Video Highlights

00:58 – The 2 things your entire Black Friday strategy should boil down to.
01:22 – Know your estimated ship dates
01:59 – Free shipping
02:10 – Hype, Hype, Hype – communicate with your customers
02:30 – Content strategy: create a gift hub
03:47 – Three ways you can drive more traffic to your site
04:30 – The exact SEO title you should use for your Black Friday blog post
05:48 – The four elements of a great Black Friday email marketing strategy
06:56 – Add urgency to your Black Friday campaign
07:49 – How many emails should you send?
08:32 – Don’t forget Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
10:03 – Write holiday-specific copy in your Ads


Prefer to read rather than watch the video? No problem, you’ll find a text transcribe below, and you can also download it for later.

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