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Podcast 18: An Introduction to Recency – A Key Predictive Metric


In this episode, I introduce the concept of Recency as it applies to an online business, and show how it’s critical to figuring out the campaigns that will lead to growth.

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  • A dating quiz from Drew’s love life
  • Recency is the #1 most powerful predictor for future customer behavior
  • The problem with using Life Time Value (LTV) when you’re a start-up
  • A basic definition of recency
  • Using recency to understand which customers to focus on
  • Recency vs. Latency
  • Using recency in your advertising and A/B tests
  • Much more!


Prefer to read rather than listen to the podcast episode? No problem, you’ll find a text transcribe below, and you can also download it for later.

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  • Tristan Broughton says:

    keen to hear the next podcast Drew!

  • brad bernhart says:

    Hey Drew.

    I’ve been trying to implement a lot of the strategies you talk about on your podcast. Many of your strategies relate to Google Analytics. I simply don’t trust my GA data. When I drill down into my users, it is pretty obvious that a lot of my traffic is bot traffic. Have you considered an episode addressing this issue since a lot of your metrics are based on accurate data?


  • Drew Sanocki says:

    Hey Brad — that’s a good idea, thanks. I think I’d start by playing with my filters. Have you tried that? A lot of times the bots come from one or two IPs.

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