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Podcast 12: Sam Gastro and — A Million Dollar Retailer Case Study


How Sam Gastro, founder of about how he grew his $1 million dollar retailer. Tons of insights on how to use retention (not acquisition) to grow…

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I’ve been fascinated by e-commerce retailers that are able to bootstrap to 7-figures within a short period of time.


  • How Sam acquired his first 100 customers
  • Using retention/word of mouth to grow to 7 figures
  • How to treat your best customers differently
  • Sam’s one actionable tip on how to grow your ecommerce business

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  • Matt Turney says:

    Loved the Podcast. When I first started e-commerce I knuckled down and hit the forums. It does work on a certain scale, and I had a friend who was a genuine influencer in certain circles that probably made the difference. A lot of effort for sure though!

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