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Podcast 15: How Emmanuel Eleyae Grew to 7-Figures Off Influencer Marketing (A Million Dollar Case Study)’s Emmanuel Eleyae,  explains how he used influencer marketing to grow his $1 million dollar retailer using nothing but a paperclip, a ball of wax, and Youtube.

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Multiple surprise guests… Why adding a nurture sequence increased Manny’s revenue by 44%…


  • What door-to-door sales taught Manny about Marketing
  • How video influencer marketing sold Manny’s first 1,000 units.
  • Using Famebit for influencer marketing
  • Why adding a nurture sequence increased Manny’s revenue by 44%
  • Manny explains what small tweaks to their website increases sales

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Manparyo Online says

thank for all of the marketing information.

Stacey Herbert says

Trying to listen in, but seems the player is not working correctly.

Kiril Kirilov says

Great Podcast as usual.

Quick note – under the Links / Resources it is, not


Drew Sanocki says

fixed thx

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