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Recency segments in google analytics

Podcast 19: Working with Recency Segments in Google Analytics


Learn how to create recency segments in Google Analytics and how to use this data for predicting marketing campaign success and calculating lifetime value.


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Do you know what your customer lifetime value is?

Many startups are too new to have access to reliable information on this metric, but a great predictor is recency.

Follow along in this episode as Drew walks through setting up a recency segment in Google Analytics which you can use to isolate your “best” customers to better understand where they came from and how you can acquire more of them.


00:00 – Introduction to recency and the lifetime value metric
00:54 – Drew’s headbands
01:22 – How to create a “high recency” segment in Google Analytics
03:21 – Ignore the “Days Since Last Session” metric
04:08 – How to read the graph after you’ve created the segment
05:06 – Viewing aggregate behavior from your high recency users
06:54 – Using this segment to predict which marketing campaigns, ads, content pieces, etc. will work
07:36 – Breaking the data down by channels
09:02 – Breaking the data down by marketing campaigns
10:10 – Breaking the data down by individual Ads
11:22 – Recency for content businesses
12:58 – Wrapping things up

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  • Tristan Broughton says:

    Hey drew,
    I set the high recency segment to 1 month for an ecom store.
    GA is showing a ‘high recency’ segment of 28% of all users in the past 3 months. This high recency segment has been responsible for only 26% of of total revenue over the past 3 months.

    Therefore I’m assuming it wouldn’t make sense to do what your suggesting and go looking for channels that have a proportionally higher recency segment relative to all users right? What would you suggest for ecom stores in this predicament?

  • Drew Sanocki says:

    Weird. I’ve never seen Recency not punch above its weight and deliver an outsized % of the total revenue/transactions/profits. Part of the limitations of GA is you can only look back 90 days with this kind of data, so I’m curious if you went back the past year — and called “Recent” those on the site in the last month — if they would be much better customers.

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