Podcast 21: Bankruptcy to Profit in 10 Months: A Conversation with Karmaloop CEO Seth Haber

Drew talks to Seth Haber about how they rescued streetwear retailer Karmaloop from bankruptcy in just 10 months. What went wrong, how they fixed it, and what they learned from it all.

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You may have heard about Drew’s involvement in turning Karmaloop around – from bankruptcy to profit in just 10 months.

But what strategies went into accomplishing this? What growth paradigm were they operating under?

And how did Karmaloop get in that position in the first place?

In this much-requested episode of the Nerd Marketing podcast, Drew talks to ex-Karmaloop CEO Seth Haber about that 10 month period of rapid growth. What they did, what they didn’t expect, and what they learned from it all.


  • Why Karmaloop went bankrupt before Drew and Seth came onboard
  • How Seth ended up as CEO
  • The things Seth didn’t expect to be so difficult about turning Karmaloop around
  • Kanye West’s role in keeping Karmaloop afloat
  • How Drew underestimated how difficult it was going to be to get the marketing platform up and running
  • Winback campaigns – Getting back old customers vs. acquiring new ones
  • Breaking into the footwear market
  • What Seth is most proud of after his 10 months at Karmaloop
  • The value of a company full of people that care about each other

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