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Podcast 27: A “One-Two Punch” Email Campaign to Increase Order Frequency


Average Order Value as a key multiplier to increase your company’s revenue, and how to implement premium service upsells to increase your AOV.

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EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Want the frequency mindmap Drew mentions in the episode? Click here download it! Also includes the full transcribe from this episode.

This week’s campaign is so simple and effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it ages ago.

It’s Drew’s “One-Two Punch” Email Campaign designed to increase your order frequency.

It starts with asking yourself one question: “What kind of recurring needs do my customers have?”

Tune in to hear the rest of the campaign implementation, as well as a little bit about why Drew favors increasing the number of purchases over the number of overall customers.


00:21 – Drew may have ruined his son’s reading habit by introducing him to the world of Star Wars
02:40 – Recap: three multiples that will grow your revenue
03:20 – Focusing in on frequency. Why more purchases instead of more customers?
05:18 – The “1-2 Punch” Email Campaign
07:00 – Campaign results example (10% lift!) and why it works so well
07:50 – How to get started on setting it up for your biz
09:18 – Some ESPs have even easier ways to set the campaign up
10:00 – Recommendations for related episodes on frequency

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