Podcast 27: A “One-Two Punch” Email Campaign to Increase Order Frequency

Average Order Value as a key multiplier to increase your company’s revenue, and how to implement premium service upsells to increase your AOV.

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This week’s campaign is so simple and effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it ages ago.

It’s Drew’s “One-Two Punch” Email Campaign designed to increase your order frequency.

It starts with asking yourself one question: “What kind of recurring needs do my customers have?”

Tune in to hear the rest of the campaign implementation, as well as a little bit about why Drew favors increasing the number of purchases over the number of overall customers.


00:21 – Drew may have ruined his son’s reading habit by introducing him to the world of Star Wars
02:40 – Recap: three multiples that will grow your revenue
03:20 – Focusing in on frequency. Why more purchases instead of more customers?
05:18 – The “1-2 Punch” Email Campaign
07:00 – Campaign results example (10% lift!) and why it works so well
07:50 – How to get started on setting it up for your biz
09:18 – Some ESPs have even easier ways to set the campaign up
10:00 – Recommendations for related episodes on frequency

Links / Resources

  • More ways to increase frequency? Download Drew’s Frequency Mind Map for more ideas.
  • Check out Drew’s free, 7-part course on doubling your business.
  • More on frequency in Episode 6.


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