Podcast 28: The Top Marketing Tools of 2016 with Patrick Shanahan

Drew and digital marketer Patrick Shanahan share their favorite eCommerce marketing tools of 2016.

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We all know that there is no one silver bullet guaranteed to push your business to success, but certain tools can be a big help on the path to higher revenue.

Special guest Patrick Shanahan, a digital marketer from Art Storefronts, joins Drew in this episode to talk about just that – key marketing tools that brought him wins in 2016.

Learn about PushCrew, an in-browser notification system, and hear Drew talk at-length about Drip – an email service provider with some serious automation chops.


00:20 – Introducing special guest Patrick Shanahan
01:30 – More episodes of the Nerd Marketing podcast are coming
02:15 – Where has Drew been? Announcing his new CMO role at a SaaS company.
04:55 – Recap of SaaSFest 2016
08:36 – Let’s talk about some shiny objects
09:18 – Tool #1: Klaviyo – an email service provider that Drew loves.
15:50 – Tool #2: PushCrew – An in-browser push notification tool that Patrick has had success with.
24:08 – Tool #3: Drip – A fairly new email service provider with unique integrations, automation abilities, and unique features. This is the one Nerd Marketing uses.
33:15 – How to use Drip to keep your list healthy and your emails out of the “promotions” tab.
36:52 – Front-end personalization using Drip.

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