Podcast 25: How to Actually Make Money with Your Win-Back Campaign

How to treat your win-back campaign as a discount ladder, with every rung designed to retain customers and make you more money.



EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Want the win-back email template Drew shows off in this episode? Click here download it as a PDF! Also includes the full transcribe from this episode.

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One win-back email is good. But even better? How about a chain of emails designed to escalate your win-back offer the further the customer slips away?

Using a discount ladder is the key to making money with your win-back campaign.

Tune in to see how Drew set up such a campaign for a large-scale retailer. Plus, his insights on using your remarketing audience in Facebook Ad to win-back customers.


00:30 – Discount ladders in the form of win-back emails
01:08 – The problem with most win-back emails
01:30 – Full walkthrough of an anti-defection discount ladder Drew set up in Klaviyo
03:15 – A/B testing every rung of the ladder
03:55 – Pulling this full strategy from email over to Facebook Ads
05:52 – Suggestions for more discount ladder info

Links / Resources

  • Want to use the Karmaloop email featured in this episode as a template for your own business? Click here download it.
  • Klaviyo
  • For more on Discount Ladders, check out Episode 1 (intro to discount ladders), Episode 2 (getting started), and Episode 3 (win back case study).
  • For more on how to use your email platform to boost revenue, check out Episode 23 on dynamic ascending offers.


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