Podcast 29: Email Marketing Strategy with Austin Brawner

Austin Brawner from Ecommerce Influence joins Drew to share four killer strategies to make the most of the all-powerful email marketing channel.

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To accurately convey just how valuable a sophisticated email marketing strategy can be to an Ecommerce retailer, Drew enlists the help of Austin Brawner from Ecommerce Influence.

Both Austin and Drew have a ton of experience consulting and providing audits to companies asking the big question, “What can I be doing better?”

Typically, the answer is – smarter email marketing!

As Austin says in this episode, most retailers are only using 10% of the available power of their email service provider.

Automation, segmentation, retention campaigns – these are the strategies the most successful retailers are using.

Learn about each of them in this episode of the Nerd Marketing Podcast.

Plus, an announcement of The 2-Day Brand Growth Implementation Intensive – a live event unlike anything you’ve attended before, hosted by Drew and Austin.


  • The big shift that turned Drew’s first big Ecommerce retailer around.
  • The role email marketing has played in Austin’s Ecommerce career.
  • The benefit of fixed costs in email marketing.
  • Typical list management issues that Austin discovers while consulting.
  • Benchmarks for desktop and mobile opt-in rates.
  • Responding to pop-up concerns.
  • Segmentation and targeting: sending the right messaging to the right customer at the right time.
  • ”Good dog” and “bad dog” automated emails.
  • The only thing holding companies back from succeeding with these strategies? They don’t actually implement them.
  • Drew and Austin are hosting an intensive email marketing workshop.

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