Podcast 02: How to Get Started with Discount Ladders

I walk you through how to set-up and run effective discount ladders. I zero in on using these ladders to create a killer eCommerce retention program in just four easy steps.

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  • Discount ladders can help you retain customers
  • There are four steps to setting up effective discount ladders
  • Step 1: Determine your discount intervals
  • Step 2: Set your promotions
  • Step 3: Start testing monhtly
  • Step 4: Identify your most profitable offers

Links / Resources

  • Continue learning about Discount Ladders in Episode 1 (Intro to Discount Ladders) and Episode 3 (A Discount Ladder Case Study).
  • If you plan on implementing a discount ladder, you’ll also probably be interested in what I have to say about Dynamic Ascending Offers.
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