Podcast 23: Dynamic Ascending Offers (and Hamilton)

Competing against Hamilton, segmenting based on recency, and using dynamic ascending offers to make the most of your offer campaigns.



EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Want Drew’s Dynamic Ascending Offers presentation slide deck? Click here download it as a PDF.

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What’s the theater around the corner from Hamilton to do this summer?

Drew knows someone in just this situation, and proposes a solution in dynamic ascending offers.

This is a key concept to implement if your retailer distributes offers via email, and ties together all of our past discussion on recency.


00:23 – Drew saw Hamilton
01:15 – Recency – Good customers stay good
03:05 – Example of working with recency segments in Google Analytics
04:48 – Promotions – Most retailers OVER promote. Look at your subsidy costs
06:00 – Dynamic ascending offers – sync your offers to customer recency
07:05 – Your offer doesn’t need to be a discount
07:30 – An example of a real world dynamic ascending offer
08:28 – Running a theater down the street from Hamilton – how do you even market that?

Links / Resources

  • Want Drew’s slide deck from this presentation? Click here download.
  • For more on using recency as a predictive metric, check out episode 18 (intro to recency) and episode 19 (working with recency segments in Google Analytics).
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