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Podcast 26: Using Premium Service Upsells to Increase Your AOV


Average Order Value as a key multiplier to increase your company’s revenue, and how to implement premium service upsells to increase your AOV.

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EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Want the AOV mindmap Drew mentions in the episode? Click here download it! Also includes the full transcribe from this episode.

A 25% increase to your AOV is a 25% increase to your business’s revenue. It’s as simple as that.

So how do you do that?

Considering you probably don’t have the next 12 hours to listen to Drew cover all the potential ways to build up your AOV, let’s hone in on just one method – the premium service upsell.

Listen in to hear more on AOV as a key multiplier in your business, and how to use a service-based upsell to influence AOV and identify your whales.


0:52 – Drew’s recap of the Digital Marketer Content & Commerce Conference
2:30 – AOV – Average Order Value. What it is, why it’s a key multiplier to increase the revenue of your company
3:25 – No spending on acquisition, just optimize what you’ve already got
3:40 – Case study: How Drew’s friend on Shopify would implement a quick upsell to increase her AOV
6:12 – Example of a premium, service-based upsell
7:40 – Upsells can come from partnerships with third parties
9:41 – Some tricky math involved in measuring AOV
10:50 – Upsells as a great way to identify your whales

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  • Excellent advice. Increading AOV is essential for making your online business a true success

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