Podcast 24: Increasing Average Order Size with Bounce-Back Email Campaigns

Bounce-back email campaigns as a clever and simple way to cross-sell and increase your average order size – implementation tips and a downloadable template.



EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE: Want the bounce-back email template Drew features in this episode? Click here download it as a PDF! Also includes the full transcribe from this episode.

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Would you like fries with that?

McDonald’s offers a cross-sell with every order for a reason – it’s a simple and effective way to increase average order size.

If your shopping cart can’t support advanced cross-selling on-site, a clever work-around is an email-based bounce-back campaign like the one Drew implemented at Karmaloop.

This little trick takes just an hour or two to set up and will capture your customers in their most engaged state – in Drew’s case it resulted in an additional million dollars of revenue across twelve months of implementation.


01:20 – Why cross-sells and up-sells work
02:11 – Email bounce-backs as a solution when your cart doesn’t support traditional on-site cross-selling
03:44 – Setting up a bounce-back campaign in Klaviyo
04:20 – The offer Drew used in a bounce-back with Karmaloop
04:31 – What the bounce-back email Drew implemented looked like
05:13 – Tricks to add “fictitious urgency” with the appearance of an advanced coupon system
06:14 – The revenue Drew generated with this campaign
07:36 – Optimizing this process after you have it set up
08:10 – How to get the email template featured in this case study

Links / Resources

  • Want to use the Karmaloop email featured in this episode as a template for your own business? Click here download it.
  • For more on how to use your email platform to boost revenue, check out Episode 23 on dynamic ascending offers.
  • Curious what else Drew did while at Karmaloop? He shares the entire story in episodes 21 and 22.


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