Podcast 03: Discount Ladder Case Studies: Win Back Campaigns

Easy-to-implement discount ladders from top retailers. A specific version of discount ladder: the win-back campaign. You can model this approach across abandoned cart campaigns, welcome campaigns, etc…



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  • Win-back emails: single emails sent to customers who haven’t bought in a while to try to win them back
  • Anti-defection discount ladder: series of emails aiming to bring back customers who stopped buying
  • Examples of discount ladders

Links / Resources

  • Continue learning about Discount Ladders in Episode 1 (Intro to Discount Ladders) and Episode 2 (How to Get Started with Discount Ladders).
  • If you plan on implementing a win back campaign, you’ll also probably be interested in what I have to say about Dynamic Ascending Offers.
  • Check out some of my other Case Studies – a couple of my favorites are Episode 13 (How Josh Manley Grew IronFenceShop.com to $1 Million In One Year Using AdWords) and Episode 7 (A Tripwire Case Study, +15% in sales virtually overnight)
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